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North Wind now has the potential of a true to life Giga-bit speed network; replacing the 100 Mbps speed with 1,000 Mbps speeds. The network is made up of, 50,000 plus feet of Cat6 cable, with 252 Data ports, 226 Communication ports, 478 Data/Communication ports working at 100 percent. Testing has come back at 100%, the network is clearly mapped, and each port is clearly marked and represented by a label/Identifier, following the TIA/EIA-606A Administration standard. Each cable run has been identified with the faceplate label, behind the faceplate on the wire is labeled to the location it finishes at, then the cable is labeled at the patch panel, and on the patch panel, with the length to every cable mapped, the map is included.

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North Wind Group
3 August, 2004