Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

Reliable data backup so you are ready when the inevitable crisis occurs.

Don’t leave your data backup to chance.

Fire, flooding, equipment failures, and theft have been the primary threat to infrastructure instability. But today, these threats are overshadowed by those originating from malicious intent. You need to be ready when the inevitable data crisis occurs and have a data backup and disaster recovery solution in place. You wouldn’t want to find your businesses critical data coming up short after a disaster especially with the increased dependency on your IT system.

Morgan Networks provides complete data backup along with full hardware and system recovery. Whether you need online data backup, data backup at offsite storage, hard drive data backup, computer recovery services, disaster recovery planning, or file recovery, we won’t let you down.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery for your company.

The first step in our data backup and disaster recovery assessment is to understand the different layers of your businesses infrastructure. Factors to consider are; resilience of the system, business hours, the criticalness of data and regular implications of others. These factors will be taken into consideration prior to assessing your current or future system, then we tailor a data backup and recovery analysis to your unique situation.

  • As part of your Data Backup and Disaster Recovery we will focus on:
  • Facilities – Protect your security, monitoring and power environments.
  • Automated Data Backups – Keeping your data secure and system up to date.
  • Protecting your Data – Stop the risk of losing critical data.
  • Getting you back to Business – If a disaster happens, you’ll be prepared to move on quickly.

Stay on track with your business plan by avoiding potential disasters. Morgan Networks data backup and disaster recovery solution can help you achieve your company’s long-term goals with safe, current data backups of your important files.

Cost Containment and Predictability

Outsourcing IT Enables Low Monthly Fees

Developing a plan designed to control costs, improve effectiveness and increase the performance of your IT department comes to life by outsourcing your IT technology with Morgan Networks. Our powerful and flexible IT solutions are a worry-free, fixed-cost IT way of giving your business dependable predictable technology.

Eliminating technology issues before they create problems for your business. Our computer networks experts monitor your system to detect harmful conditions and take necessary action to prevent service interruptions and outages.

24/7 service and predictable monthly payments Will keep your costs low and enable you to leverage the latest technology without the headaches associated with maintaining your computer systems.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Among the Best Support in the Business

We’re always here to help you and your employees whenever you need us. It is our goal to provide fast, informative support assistance when you need it. Our experts are available to provide free 24/7 user support, problem tracking and solutions for your business.

Call us at (208) 552 2421

email us at info@morgannetworks.com

Reward Benefits

Earn and $ave with Referrals

Providing your business with the highest level of support and customer service is our goal. We value our customers and our referral program is for you to earn and save money. Because the greatest compliment is a referral, we want to reward you every time you recommend a friend, colleague, or family member.

If you are currently an IT managed services client and refer another business that signs up with our professional managed IT support services, you’ll receive a $100 prepaid visa, also your company will receive a credit to your account.

We want everyone to benefit for our reward program so if your referral is for a personal computer or different service you’ll receive a $15 cash or credit to your account. Take advantage of our referral program, there is no limit on how much you can Earn and $ave with our reward benefits. Share the details with anyone who needs computer repair service, network support or any of our great services.

Tailored Solutions

It’s Your Unique IT Infrastructure

We tailor flexible IT solutions for your business and budget. With our professional managed IT service or IT on demand you’ll get a worry-free, IT guarantee that is developed around your computers and network.

With the flexibility of IT on demand you pay only for what you need, as you need it. Fast response times will get you back to business as quickly as possible. Our Professional Managed IT service is a fixed-cost solution developed for your business, our IT staff is always there with on-site and remote support. Offering continuous maintenance, updates and monitoring for your network.

Providing your business reliable, high-quality technology we have the knowledge, skills, and resources needed for running a secure network system. Guaranteed professional IT manageability and scalability to fit your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Commitment is to the Customer and the Job

Taking great pride in making sure that every customer is satisfied before leaving any job is how we have maintained our 99% contract renewal rate. We are proud of our impeccable track record, providing exceptional service and flexible solutions to our customers.

Protect Your Company’s Future

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